Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step 4

Radiolab has changed my life. and does everytime i listen to it. how should i write this? i know that whoever listens to it will have their view changed, that's what it's for to bring science to the public.

I finally figured out how to embed the list of radiolab episodes below, but sometimes they don't load right, so i am leaving the link for the EMERGENCE episode here also. I wanted to show the link anyway so that people / you (how should i address them / you? third person? which?) could get the MP3 on an ipod or an MP3 player and listen to it while you're at school or driving or walking...the world looks so beautiful when i'm listening to radiolab. where should i include the link for the other podcasts? i'll put it here. here it is. you can the episode on chris and lisa made me cry.

So if i have to choose 1 to recommend, i'm chosing the episode on EMERGENCE but it feels terrible to do this in a way because i know how profoundly awesome the other episodes are (SPACE, mortality, placebo, morality). i wish time was not a limitation and i wish that people or you or these viewers my audience whoever would just go back to the website and hear the other episodes when they have time or need something to fill the silence when they're folding laundry or vacuuming or baking. maybe they will. it's their choice, i hope i am planting a seed, that's all i can do.

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