Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step 3

A taste of the first Beyond Belief conference (maybe explore the site after watching the video below)-- Beyond Belief 2006. I wish people would eventually watch all the talks, but to try it out--at least 30 minutes of session 9 down here should suffice, it's nice combination of major voices, major players in this game. feel free to plunk down and draw, paint, play, clean, stretch, primp, dance, whatever helps one get content, to make it pleasant and convenient because it can be quite convenient. The world gets bigger and better every time i watch a session and there's no pleasure like listening while i paint. or cut or paste. doing stuff with my hands helps me focus and hear better.

starting place:

and it only gets better as the years pass and we get smarter (if anyone is still thirsty...i highly recommend do i give incentive to take the time and explore the places? it's so fucking worth it. that's all i can say.):
Beyond Belief 2007
Beyond Belief 2008

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Anonymous said...

conditioning !!! ideals that they hold on to like anything else in this world ...we all do it but its sad how perception, an idea= to observe become so totally useless In which we are absorbed from what is around us.